Employment law

Issues surrounding employment law are part of the everyday life of every business owner. It is vital to have sound employment law expertise and knowledge of the case law in this area. We provide you with advice and support in all issues related to individual and collective labour law.

Our services range from initiating new employment and drafting individual employment and service contracts to their termination by agreement or dismissal. We support you through disputes with individual employees or employee representatives and, if required, we will represent your interests before the competent labor courts.

We also offer advice on how to minimise risks related liability and social security law – for example in connection with false self-employment – as well as on issues related to contract and social security law for company representatives such as managing directors and board members.

You benefit from our many years of experience in the areas of reorganisations, transformations and corporate transactions across all areas of law. We offer comprehensive advice in matters of individual and works constitution law.